Policing is violence

Tomorrow ‘victoria’ City Council is considering whether to approve $52,500 requested by the VicPD for increased policing of people sheltering at Topaz Park. The Anti-Violence Project wrote a beautiful open letter to City Council opposing this request and explaining how policing is violence. Many other people are individually writing letters.

You can reach the Mayor and Council at the following addresses: mayor@victoria.ca; malto@victoria.ca; sdubow@victoria.ca; bisitt@victoria.ca; jloveday@victoria.ca; spotts@victoria.ca; cthornton-joe@victoria.ca; gyoung@victoria.ca (better to email them individually than use the generic inbox for Mayor and Council as emails are first funnelled through city staff). 

Note that City Council has been known to forward letters to council to VicPD for comment. If you do not want them to do that, you may want to explicitly say so in your letter.

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