Newsletter #7

The first four issues of our newsletter were specifically for folks doing on-the-ground support; the most recent three issues are online as PDF files for anyone who wants to read them. To see back issues you can check out our Google Drive folder.

In this week’s issue:

  • News on specific sheltering sites: Central/RAP, downtown, Ellice, MEEGAN
  • Update on indoor options: new youth transitional housing, arena re-opening, and affordable housing currently in the works
  • What’s the City up to? (Bylaw officers destroying people’s homes, budget decisions, more restrictions on where people can camp, recent/upcoming Council meetings)
  • Forced hospitalization of youth following overdose is on hold for now
  • COVID Prevention Dialogue Sessions and Vaccine Roll-Out Working Group

This will be the last newsletter. It’s been a really weird and wild 10+ months, and the relationships we built and strengthened along the way still matter to us. At this point we will be focusing on joint projects we are doing with the Indigenous Harm Reduction Team, not continuing to try to do a broader range of projects to support all the teams doing on-the-ground work.

Meme of a cat with its toes spread out, and the text "live long and pawspurr".

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