New weekly Poverty Kills newsletter

Access to information has been an ongoing challenge since March 2020 when the COVID restrictions first started. In conversation with frontline workers and informal grassroots teams, in early December Poverty Kills started doing a weekly newsletter trying to collate info so people have some sense of what is happening. We watch webcasts of government meetings, sleuth government and news websites, and otherwise try to piece together information as we can. We include links to the original sources, so people can do their own reading and followup.

Our original intention was just to circulate this to the groups and individuals who are doing on-the-ground support. But we’ve had a number of requests from people who are interested in how they can advocate and otherwise support even if they can’t be on the ground. So, starting this week we’re experimenting with making the newsletter available through a direct link from this blog and a publicly accessible Google Drive folder that anyone can view.

Poverty Kills newsletter #5: Mon Jan 11, 2021

  • Bylaw sheltering stats
  • Central Park & Royal Athletic Park
  • BC Housing shelter bed database
  • More indoor options: what is the plan?
  • What’s the City up to? (recent/upcoming Council meetings, budget, new Strategic Plan Grant competition)
  • Survival service updates

We are not doing email subscriptions. If you want to read the newsletter, you can subscribe to this blog and look for links here; or you can check out our Google Drive folder where a new issue will be uploaded each week.

Our hope is to keep doing a weekly newsletter until the COVID crisis is over and things for the street community go back to being closer to “normal” (whatever that means). But that depends on energy and health — we’ll do the best we can. We hope this is a useful resource. Thanks very much to everyone who’s helping make this possible!

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