An update…kinda sorta

Wow, our last post was June 23. So much has happened…and yet really it’s the same old, same old. Our blog writer says: “I keep meaning to blog, and then I just don’t know what to say.” Sometimes there aren’t really words.

We will be resuming posting again soon, with a more detailed update on the current situation — more City shenanigans are unfolding, and PK is also going to make some changes in how we work.

In the meantime, here’s a little poem summarizing the past 2 1/2 months.

B latant disregard for
U nhoused people’s humanity.
L eaving people scrambling to move for the umpeenth time as
L ocations of survival are deemed to be interfering with housed people’s rest and relaxation.
S uch pesky nuisances, those homeless varmints.
H ate rather than housing
I n a city with enough wealth to meet everyone’s needs.
T he colonial nightmare continues.

Canadians top the world in smiling poop emoji use, report finds | CBC News

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